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The Space Between Us

The interplanetary journey ‘The Space Between Us’ tells the story of Gardner Elliot (Butterfield), a curious and intensely sensible boy, born and raised on Mars. Her mother discovered being pregnant after taking off on the world shuttle carrying the mission to colonize the crimson planet, and died of points at begin with out ever revealing her father’s title.

Dwelling with solely 14 people throughout the first 16 years of life, the youthful astronaut obtained a restricted and unconventional coaching, which fueled an infinite want to satisfy his natural father. Nevertheless with the help of Tulsa, a girl from Colorado, USA, who turns into an necessary digital buddy, Gardner manages to create the power to seek out which place throughout the universe she belongs to.

When he lastly will get a chance to journey to Earth and research all of the issues he has be taught whereas in space, Gardner discovers that his organs do not withstand the planet’s ambiance. Eager to hunt out his father, the boy escapes the workers of scientists who’ve cared for him since begin and along with Tulsa embarks on an unforgettable race in direction of time.

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