The Justice League Two

Superman, Batman, Surprise Lady, Aquaman, Flash, Inexperienced Lantern and Ajax, the Hunter of Mars reunite within the Justice League finale.


»To Warner Bros. invited actor and director Ben Affleck (‘Harmful Attraction’) to guide the variation of ‘The Justice League’ film theaters, however he declined. Zack Snyder will drive.

»Chris Terrio (from ‘Argo’ and ‘Batman v Superman’) rewrites the script for the Warner / DC characteristic movie. Zack Snyder, of ‘Man of Metal’ and ‘Batman Vs. Superman ‘, will direct the 2 components of’ Justice League ‘.

The Brainiac supervillain is speculated as the primary antagonist. Considered one of Superman’s prime enemies, the green-skinned humanoid bald man got here to Earth within the comedian books to shrink a number of cities, together with Metropolis, storing them in jars with the intention of utilizing them to revive Bryak, the planet he dominated.

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