Pokémon: Detetive Pikachu

Harry Goodman mysteriously disappears, and this leads his 21-year-old son, Tim, to find out what happened. Enter into the investigation also the old partner of Harry, the Detective Pikachu – a hilarious super investigator, very cute and that makes the people to die of laughing. He’s a jigsaw puzzle unto himself!

Finding out that they can communicate with each other, Tim and Pikachu become reluctant partners on a chilling journey to unravel the intricate puzzle. As they follow clues in the neo- streets of Ryme City – a modern city where humans and pokémons live in harmony in a hyperrealist live action world – they find a variety of pokémons along the way and end up discovering a terrible threat that can destroy the harmony with which these two peoples live and can even completely destroy the Pokémon universe!

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