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Every Thing Will Be Fine

On a moist winter morning, a writer named Tomas is driving his vehicle on a freeway inside the inside with little visibility. Abruptly, he by probability runs over a toddler sledding down a hill. Who was in cost for the lethal accident? The driving force who’s driving quietly? Youthful Christopher, who should have taken increased care of his youthful brother? Or their mother, Kate, who might need known as the youngsters dwelling early? Tomas goes into despair and his total life ends up shedding the feeling after the horrible accident. He ends his relationship alongside together with his girlfriend Sara as a result of pressure and decides to solely proceed writing primarily based totally on experiences that embody the mourning of others. He tries to hunt out which implies in his new life as soon as extra as he varieties his household with Ann and his daughter Mina and continues to accompany Kate and Christopher until, at age 17, the youthful man decides to confront the stranger he solely observed as quickly as that evening time Fateful.

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