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Entrando numa Roubada

The success emerged within the profession of buddies actors Eric (Julio Andrade), Laura (Deborah Secco), Alex (Marcos Veras), Vitor (Bruno Torres), who can be a screenwriter, and director Walter (Lucio Mauro Filho). Nevertheless, all of the ecstasy of pre-release and recognition of the group’s final work within the cinema, the movie “Mission Explosive”, fall by the bottom after struggling a fantastic blow, and that began from one among them towards all of the others. Delivered to the “limbo of the profession” each tries to take the lifetime of the best way that it will possibly, like Laura and Walter who start to make nozzles like animators of childish celebration, and Vitor that sells tires in a rubber store. However disappointment and failure result in despair and “all or nothing” to regain dignity and “justice.” Even when this implies dishonest buddies once more and nonetheless contain who had nothing with it, like Leticia (Ana Carolina Machado). The result’s a stolen no-go.

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