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Depois de Tudo

The younger Ney (Romulo Estrela) and Marcos (Cesar Cardadeiro) are far more than greatest buddies. They’re virtually brothers, who share residence, work, desires, the fervour for music and Bebel (Maria Casadevall), an exquisite and fearless woman that awakens in two completely different needs. When she strikes to the residence subsequent to them, the three grow to be inseparable. However time distances them. As an alternative of Caesar’s musician and companion within the bar they opened and meant to play collectively, Ney finally turns into a romantic pop star. In the meantime, Marcos goes from being a rebellious, attitude-filled child to a well-mannered civil servant. Bebel, by no means left their creativeness. Twenty years later an sudden information comes again Ney (Marcelo Serrado) and Marcos (Ot├ívio Muller), main them to overview their attitudes, feelings and recollections. On this reunion may also be the possibility that Ney and Marcos should rescue the bonds of friendship and love that point had helped to interrupt.

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